Personal Profile: Wryneth Gay G. Mayapit (Staff: Wryneth)

Hi everybody. I am Wryneth Gay Gaong Mayapit from the Philippines. I am working with EDAYA for the program management. As a kid, I grew up exposed to the indigenous cultures of my village. I’ve been a witness to my grandfather leading traditional rituals, being the leader of the community. It was always solemn and sacred. Of course, I soon learned to take part in the rituals. I was taught of its meaning, and a deep realization started to grow within me that everything about the indigenous culture is what makes who and what I am. And I never forget that. And I hoped it would stay that way forever, so my children and their children can have the same experience as I did.

I hoped. However, times have changed, and so did the people. No longer are some members of the generation of today interested in listening to the stories, wisdom and the knowledge of the old. No longer do they want to spend time with their fellows enjoying the time together singing with the birds of the forests, dancing with the gods and goddesses, hearing the whispers of the wind, and being in tuned with the earth. They’d rather spend lazy hours at the computer shops playing their favorite games. I do not say everybody does these, but you get what I mean. To keep things short, the Indigenous community is then confronted by the fact that the old people have a struggle of who to pass their wisdom to. Nobody seems to care.

I received the same pressure from my community and I thought being part of “movements” related to this could be my part. I did. Attended seminars, joined workshops both cultural music and dance, did theater shows and the likes. But they were not enough. I wanted to inspire others. Then EDAYA was introduced to me. When Mr. Edgar Banasan first mentioned about EDAYA, I became interested. The first meeting with Ayaka-san was amazing. I was all ears and was listening intently. Then they asked me if I could be part of their team. Ayaka-san asked me to think about it. I said that there is nothing to think about. Let’s do this! Finally, I am finally becoming part of something big. And it not only wishes to remind us of our inspirations, but it aims to awaken each of our potentials to make a change. EDAYA will make my hopes possible, and more. Thank you EDAYA.

皆さんこんにちは。私は、フィリピン出身のWryneth Gay Gaong Mayapitです。EDAYAでマーケティング、プロジェクトコーディネーターの仕事をしています。私は、子どもの頃から先住民族の文化に触れながら育ちました。私は子どもの頃から先住民族の文化に触れながら育ちました。祖父がコミュニティリーダとして伝統的な儀式をとり行う姿を見てきました。そういった儀式は、常に厳粛で神聖なものでした。もちろん、私もすぐにそれらの儀式への参加の仕方を身に着けました。儀式の意味を教わり、先住民族の文化のありとあらゆるものが私自身を作っているのだ、という深い認識が私の心の中に芽生えてきました。私はそのことを決して忘れないでしょう。そして、私が経験したことが永遠に続いていくことを願っています。また、私の子どもや孫たちも、私がした経験と同じ経験をしていくことを願っています。




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