Chawak: Kalinga Traditional ritual for healing (Intern: Jhordanlee Awoy)

Kalinga province  is a place that is full of culture. Even now that modernization is going on, the Kalinga people resort to the traditional way of healing and treatment of illness. And they call this ritual as dawak or chawak.

The existence of primitive doctor in Kalinga popularly known as mandadawak (female shaman). The prestige of mandadawak is definitely waning however they are still active and play a vital role in some communities in giving service for those who are affected with illness that cannot be cured  in the hospital.

Before healing rite the family of the patient prepares the folowing; two plates of glutinous rice (tonge shape cakes mixed with ladek) two matured coconuts, one  bundle of palay(sinfotok),one bunch of young betel nut fruits,one bundle of coconut flowers, a pig and some young coconut leaves.

During  healing ritual,  the mandadawak call the attention of the spirit to help her cure the illness of the person. Second she will appease the spirit ti give her power over the other spirit who cause the sickness of her subject. After that the mandadawak capture the evil causing the illness of the subject using her body as a medium.

In portraying this healing ritual, the family of the sick person will butcher a pig and separate some parts of the pig as a sacrifice. They will put ferns on the four corner of the house. The family of the patient will give some donation to the mandadawak for her service and there is no fix fees to pay any thing that the family can afford.

If you are feeling something that the hospital can’t explain try the mandadawak, I’m not forcing you to try this it's your choice,because some people say this kind of healing is fake but most of the people who tried this, said that it  really works and helps them to save money.

This is one of the vanishing culture of the Kalinga People nowadays. We must not forget our culture because these are our bridge to connect to our past and to our ancestors. This is not to promote and suggest people to do this practice but it is to show respect to our cultural ancestors.


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