Salip Festival: Reconnecting to the roots through celebrations (Intern: Marjonette Dunol )

Modernization has taken away some of our lives from us that sometimes we feel emptiness in our hearts, the yearning to seek and discover the part of our life that is long forgotten. We may have forsaken our past because of bad memories but still, deep in our heart lays our passion of our hometown. The feeling that maketh you wants to envisage your youthful days. Those days when you were part of performing rituals or listening to elders’ stories about their stories of faith and adventure that excites you to also try what they have done. You might also miss joining your community in celebration of victory or success, the community dance, community songs and the games you play with your fellow youth.
Banga dance, one of the hardest dance that is danced by Pasilians
The best way to satisfy what you are yearning for is to return where you came from and fill your heart with all the happy moments that you have miss over the years. You might not get over what you will experience that you will keep them in your heart and every time you look back, you will feel that strong urge to return and feel that moment again.

Aside from the natural beauty of Pasil that will surely take your breath away, we also have the festival which is very rich with culture and traditions of Pasil. From the creative minds of Pasilians they created the Salip Festival. Salip Festival is usually celebrated during the months of April or May.

During the festival, 14 baranagys from Pasil come together and celebrate the festival. Each barangay will perform cultural presentations like cultural dances, cultural songs and sometimes they will perform traditional rituals. Sometimes, they also organize a pageant for the selection of the provincial pageant competition.

Additional activities also include sports competition which they also call sports fest. Games that are included are basketball men, volleyball men and women and also board games like chess and scrabble. There are two divisions in playing the games, the division for the young people aged 15-18 and open league which is for people who are aged 18 and beyond. The competitors will composed of the 14 barangays and sometimes there are other teams also from other places who will join either by invitation or by entry.

Dancers presentinging one tradition of Pasil
Agricultural fair is also included during the Salip Festival. Local products of farmers and also some handicrafts in Pasil will be displayed throughout the festival. Each barangay build their booth where their products will be displayed.

The festival is a celebration of all Pasilians where they share, reconnect and revitalize their culture to reach the younger generation’s awareness to their roots and also to those Pasilians who have lived in far places for them to see and feel again the lifestyle that they have lived then. It is also a time to gather and make connections stronger to other barangays and to make the people feel the beauty of our culture.


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