The Everlasting Bridge of Pasil Kalinga (Intern: Jane Olao)

Kabunian bridge view from below

Kabunyan Bridge is one of the natural landmark in Kalinga. It is located at Layao River in Malucsad ,Pasil Kalinga. It is a stone bridge that connects the side of the said river. It is used to be the main way of the people that passes through there. Those who goes to the field and those who goes to other barangay.  In the past years when there is no bridge people cross the river to go to the other side.  Below these bridge is the public river for all the people. There are trees in the surrounding of this bridge that is why roots have extended in the side of the bridge.

Cold and clean swimming area below the bridge
There is a story why they called this bridge as Kabunyan bridge. Long time ago Kabunyan-the God had journey in different  places in Kalinga. One day he went to Tinglayan then from there he arrives at Pasil then when he reach the layao river he was worried because the water is too high and he can’t crossed the river then he think of what to do in order to go to the other side. He sat down then start thinking then suddenly he immediately noticed the big stone so he got this stone then put  it in the center of both sides  then he was so happy that he was at the other side then  he continues his journey. This is the reason why they called this Kabunyan bridge because this shows and signifies the art of God. The people believed this story and they were very thankful for this everlasting bridge that Kabunyan gave.

Because the people in Barangay Malucsad treasure the bridge they cemented it and improve it for the safety of the people. They fence it with steel pipes.  If you are in this bridge you can look down and view the river and if you want to have picnic don’t hesitate to go down the river and enjoy the calmness of the place. Every time the people passes by, they don’t forget to clean this bridge that makes the place clean. People maintain the cleanliness of the place.  There is a new bridge they construct for vehicles but for those who want to walk on by shortcut way they pass through this Kabunyan bridge.

Come one come all and let us explore the beautiful hometown of mine. Don't worry of getting lose in going there because there is only road going there and the villagers are approachable to talk with.  


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