Palanus: Pasilian's Traditional Marriage (Intern: Jane Olao)

Like other places in the world, Pasilians has also their traditional marriage which they called “ Palanus chi asawa”.  The term palanus is a general or common term to mark any  very important celebration. Palanus chi asawa refers to the celebration made to confirm the union of the would- be husband and wife. Naturally this can happen to the contracted and uncontracted marriage. This traditional marriage practices conveys the official pronouncement to the community regarding the union of the newly married couple. This practice is not yet the grand marriage celebration because this is only a part of the practices being done to complete the stages of the union of the future couple.
 The process of this traditional marriage begins at the girl’s side. The boy together with the elders  go to the place of the girl. At first the girl and boy must talk and decide on what date do they want to do this celebration and the girl will tell to her family then they will prepare for the coming of their visitors. In some cases parents are not allowed to go in the girl’s house for the celebration. The family of the girl will provides the pig to be butchered. They will assign someone to call for the community to attend the celebration. The animal to be butchered is only pig and it depends on the social status of the families on how many pig they will butcher.  If the family have no pig they will borrow from their relatives or go and buy to those who have pigs.

In this celebration they also have  “kopyan chi lungus” where in the half of the body towards head of the pig is set aside to be delivered to the boy’s house which is then called kopyan chi lungus and then the half will be cooked to be served by the people who are there to witness the ceremony.  This lungus which is sent to the boy’s house will show that the ceremony is accomplished. In this traditional marriage celebration ,they had program where in they do talks especially those elders and some leaders that will give advice to the future couple; they also perform native dances, sing native songs and others. In some cases they don’t have program. The relatives and families of the girl will decide if they will have program. Most of the traditional marriage I heard has its program because it is the way they will show love and hospitality to their visitors.

During the program we can observe how the people cooperate. In the butchering of the pig other will volunteer to do. Some who will go and attend will bring rice and some will voluntarily gave money.  This shows that the community are very supportive with each other . Everybody will enjoy the program and its in the decision of the people if they continue to have the program when everybody is finished eating.

 Another part of this traditional marriage is the girl together with the elders, some of her relatives and those who want to go to do the ‘subrat chi palanus’ which means they will go to the boy’s house then do the same ceremony.  The time and date of going to the boy’s house depends on the decision of the girl and her families. They will be the one to set the date. If the traditional marriage celebration is done the boyfriend and girlfriend are now a couple.



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