AMAZING Kabunyan spring (Intern: Jhordanlee Awoy)

The legendary spring in Pasil is located in barangay Galdang. It is a 30 minute hike from the municipal hall of Pasil. The water from this spring comes out through a big stone. The water is warm every morning which makes it good for taking a bath. In the afternoon, the water becomes cool and it becomes equally refreshing to take a dip after a long hot and tiring day. The changing temperature of water in this spring relaxes our body and has a healing effect for the stressful souls. If you are not up to taking a bath in an open area, you will have no problem in Kabunyan spring because the people made a bathroom for you.

Kabunyan spring is a tourist spot as well as the representation of  life to the people  in Galdang. This spring is the meeting place of Galdang people because  they fetch water, wash their things and take a bath here. This spring is the source of water in Galdang. The people in this place called it chagsi. 
People in Pasil called this spring as Kabunyan spring because of the legendary story behind it. In the olden days Kabunyan went for hunting in the forest. He went to hunt for  wild animal but he did not find something. So he return to his place, on his way he felt tired and thirsty and he tried to find  any water source but he didn’t see anything only a very big stone. In that moment he rest and hit the stone with his cane and the water come out and there he drinks.he left the water coming out from the big stone to be use by the people.

Kabunyan spring shows the beauty of nature. We  must care and give importance to it. 


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