A Glimpse of the Olden Lifestyle of I-Kalinga in Awichon Village (Intern: Marjonette Dunol)

Do you want to experience the life of the Kalinga People in the earlier times? Or do you want to have a panoramic view of the lower Kalinga? I guess I certainly recommend the Awichon Village for you.

Awichon Village
Awichon Village is located in a plateau in Lubuagan, Kalinga. It takes two hours ride from the City of Tabuk by land transportation to reach the place. You can directly reach the village if you use your own car but if you prefer to commute, you can enjoy a short trekking way up to the village.
This village is owned and developed by the National Living Treasure Awardee (GAMABA) Alonzo Saclag, Sr. The village was created not only for tourism purposes but also to show the younger generation of Kalinga the picture of Kalinga in the earlier times. It may not look exactly the same but at least they will have a concrete picture of how the Kalinga People live in the olden times. 
Traditional house of I-Kalinga representation in Awichon Village
The village composes the traditional houses of Kalinga People in the olden days. The roofs of the houses are made up of cogon grass. The wall is made out of lumber and also with its flooring. All of the facilities inside the houses are native products.

For the cooking materials they use the fanga or the clay pot, the dipper made out of coconut shell or wood and the earthen stove. The dinner sets like the bowl are made out of coconut shell which they call chuyug. For sure you will feel like you go back to the past if you experience these in Awichon.
You will also have the chance to wear the Kalinga native attire if you want to. Alfonso Saclag the owner of the place can provide also a short workshop on dancing some of the Kalinga dance and also some Kalinga instruments like the gangsa.

The owner (Saclag) teaching visitors how to play the gong
The beauty of nature will enchant you most especially in the morning. You can wake up early and watch the powerful sun make its way to the horizon and you can also wait to see the beauty of the sunset in the evening.

The place also has a certain part which they call the view deck where you can see the panoramic view of the beautiful mountains of Kalinga. Since the place is higher than any other place near it, you can also see the view of the communities and also the Pasil River from the view deck.
Aside from the sounds of cars from the nearby roads, you will hear nothing but only the sounds of nature. You can hear the chirping of the birds or the sounds of the crickets in the evening or early in the morning. The place is so peaceful that it is good pick if you want to relax and feel nature from its very natural way.

The village value most Kalinga traditions that it is a must that you show respect to whatever or whoever is in the village. The host family (Saclag) also ensures a warm welcome to all visitors.

What are you waiting for? Come and see the solitude of the Awichon Village envisaging the olden lifestyle of Kalinga.

Visitors and tourists in Traditional Kalinga attire


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