The Silent Mountain of the Ikalinga (Intern: Jane Olao)

Mount Binaratan

Kalinga is a province where you can find different tourist spot.  Some are popular and others are still unexplored. One of these tourist spot found in Tanudan Kalinga is the Mount  Binaratan. It is located near Tanudan river between the boundary of Mountain Province and Kalinga. This mountain has an elevation of 1,800 meters. The environment in this mountain is made up  of dense, mossy jungles where animals like wild boars and deer are found.  It exhibits a calm and peaceful nature.

This mountain is dubbed as the Silent Mountain in Kalinga.  According to the myth, Mount Binaratan is the hunting ground of Kabunyan- God of Kalinga. This is its story.

Once upon a time, the God of Kalinga visited the mountain. While he was hunting , the birds were so noisy he could not hear anything aside from their noise. The legend said that God somehow got irritated so he commanded the birds to keep quiet. However, he forgot to tell the birds to sing again after he was done hunting. This is the reason why the atmosphere of the mountain is very quiet until at present.  The mountain also plays a part in Philippine history it being the entry point of General Aguinaldo during his retreat to Kalinga when he tried to escape from the American forces.

The mountain offers a good venue for trekking, camping, photo shoot and swimming in the river.

You don't have to get worried about becoming lost in the mountains because it is easy to follow landmarks. If this stirred interest from you to find solace in the silence of this mountain, here is an instruction on how to get there. First if you travel by land and you came from Manila , you can reach Kalinga by riding a bus in Dangwa and Victory Liner going to Tabuk City. From there, you can ride a jeepney going to Dacalan, which is the jump-off point to Mount Binaratan. If you want a faster trip, you can travel by plane from Manila going to Tuguegarao. When you get there, public vehicles like jeeps are available in the area going to Tabuk City then ride a jeep going to Dacalan.


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