MATAGOAN FESTIVAL (Intern: Jhordanlee Awoy)

Street Dancers during Matagoan Festival
Matagoan festival serves as the culminating day of Tabuk City. It is an annual event held every in the month of June. This  was started on 2002. The aim of this festival is to promote the diverse products of Tabuk city. This celebration features tradefair,cultural and contemporary shows,sport activities and beauty pageant. It also celebrate the warm and peaceful relationship between and among the different tribes of Tabuk city. During this festival celebration, it is a non schooldays in the entire city of Tabuk.


This is one of the very exciting and colorful festival in Kalinga. In this festival you can enjoy watching the culture and tradition of Kalinga people mix with modern music, dances and fashion. Here are some features of Matagoan festival that you can try. Trecking and hiking to Matambong and Bangabanga falls,and  white water rafting in the Chico river. Watch the most interesting part of festival search for miss Tabuk, marathon that the participants wear g string only and the street dancing.

Come and experience the Kalinga way of festivity on the Matagoan Festival.


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