The beauty of Nature in Balbalan (Intern: Jhordanlee Awoy)

Wants to explore? I am proud to recommend you to the great cave of Balbalan kown as Ugid subterrennean river .It is one of the deepest cave in the Philippines with an estimation of 6 kilometers from the entrance to end point. The outlet of the cave is a very nice place for picnic and swimming. This cave was classified as Talus cave which is characterized by rockslide and rockfalls produces piles of debris. This cave was identified as one of the many tourist spots  promoted by the Balbalan local government. which is now undergoing development for a better tourists acomodation.

This particular natural wonder of Balbalan is quite far from the capital  of Kalinga province. It takes more than 3 hours ride by  land transportation from Tabuk city the capital of Kalinga to the beautiful cave of Balbalan. Don’t hesitate to come, lets go and see the wonder of Balbalan and make your vacation a memorable one. Be the one to experience the adventurous and hidden beauty of Ugid.


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