Tudingでの生活/ Life in Tuding




Today, I’m going to write about the place we are staying, EDAYA workshop. EDAYA workshop is in Tuding: about 20 minutes ride from the tow of Baguio. The workshop is mostly made of bamboo harvested from the EDAYA mountain and stones carried from the rivers. It is a product of sweat with people volunteering. It is a two-storey and surprisingly very sturdy. Interior design is very nice and warm. You can feel the bamboo spirit and there's a tiny man-made "fountain" which gave an accent to the house. We can use electricity, gas and water. Also there is flush toilet, hot shower and Wi-Fi too so it is comfortable to stay. Another bamboo house called the "kulubf" is currently under construction but it makes a comfortable resting place and sleeping place for Edgar-san. This is where he temporarily sleeps while we are occupying his room. The bamboo is also present in Japan but it was certainly not this strong. There is something about the Filipino bamboo that makes it able to stand. Near the office, there is elementary school, sari-sari stores which are like mini convenience stores, and an eatery. I was surprised that living chicken was sold. In restaurant, you can eat local food such as pork with blood in affordable price.


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