No need to struggle to be number 1 Just be yourself be the only 1. (Staff: Wryneth)

“No need to struggle to be number 1
Just be yourself be the only 1.”

Too often, we get overshadowed by the pressure to be what society thinks we should be. Always trying to be “cool” and “in”, afraid of being left out. And more often than not, we realize that we already forgot who we are in the process of trying to fit the standards. Then I realized that it’s ok to break the rules, to be deviant at times. SMAP through the song “Sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana” tells us that there is “no need to struggle to be number 1, just be yourself be the only one”. And this is something I’d like us to tell everybody. No matter how strong the force of change maybe, no matter how tough the pressure confronts you, you can never go wrong by being who you really are. Don’t be somebody else. You’ll find out that it is not that bad. You are one of a kind and you are beautiful. J

~Wryneth Gay G. Mayapit




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