LOVE FOR HOME. Discovering Warm Hearts. (Staff: Wryneth)

Celebrating our love for the Philippines through music and dance.
The things that I look for when I travel are not only the new experiences for me to try and the new things to see, but as much as possible, I look for things or people or places that somehow feel like home, to reassure me that whatever happens, I have something, someone or somewhere I can go to if I want that feeling to embrace me. And what is very warming on my part to know is that I already have a lot of people I can count on – from EDAYA team and the people connected to them, to my friends who really try to be there as much as they can.

Discovering the warmth from some old friends and familiar faces.
Yes, I will never exchange the chances to try something new that really interests me especially if I am in a foreign environment, but it also matters to know that you have a second home. EDAYA's event last January 21 made me exactly feel that way, and it was awesome. With the theme “Let''s Feel Philippines Together”, EDAYA, with the valuable cooperation of Pallete, World Festival, Class for Everyone, Kamayan Restaurant (and those that I failed to mention) created an event which has brought together all those who love the Philippines. What made it special for me is that I really was able to feel the fondness of the people when they told us of their experiences of travels in the Philippines, and how they enjoyed it. When the food started to come in, and the guests took some curious bites, It made me delighted to hear them say  “oishi!” and “umai!”, and they even asked me what is the food called and how was it cooked. When we started doing our (EDAYA Philippine team) sort-of-a presentation, it again made us feel joyous to know that the audience did enjoy the event (even if what we did was less than perfect) and even sang together with us and jam with the music. It was very spontaneous and that made it all the more special.  It was however unfortunate that we had to already cut the party because our time was over. But nevertheless, we enjoyed.

Personally, the highlights of the event for me was meeting and seeing familiar faces, walking through familiar roads and meeting new people. The event took place at the Kamayan Restaurant (a Filipino restaurant in the Roppongi district which I missed countless times the first time I went to Japan even if I was walking back and forth in that street for more than a week – and I was so near to it). It has a very serene and intimate feel to it, which made the guests (who are more than what I expected) interact on a more personal level. I loved the feeling it gave me and I love the interactions I had there. It was in the Kamayan Restaurant that I was able to meet, shake hands and talk with the lady who I heard has some connections with the Emperor of Japan (wow, that is big). I regret not being able to speak Nihonggo because if I did, I would have had longer conversation with her. It was also equally amazing to meet Uniquease Japan director, who even gave us cakes for presents (they were delicious). She told me that she enjoyed the party and that made us feel great. Meeting fellow Filipinos at the event was also very exciting. When we started talking in the Fillipino language, it really feels amazing and I feel for them when I heard that one of them feels like crying because he really misses back home. I would like to tell them to stay strong. Being able to rub elbows with EDAYA major supporters was also heartwarming.  Finally, seeing Pallette staff, Class for Everyone director, EDAYA Japan team and my friends, is awesome. I had a great night. I hope everybody will remember this day.

Building networks and discovering connections in an intimate environment.
Embracing the warmth from these amazing people who made us feel very welcome.


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