I-KALINGA'S ADVENTURE IN JAPAN (Intern: Jhordanlee Awoy)

My experience in Japan has been very great. It was full of enjoyment and new learnings. It was my first time to travel abroad and I am very lucky because the place was Japan, one of the most developed country in the world. The Japanese people are well disciplined. It was in Japan that I got to see the snow.

January 19,2016 - we were in the airport, all ready for check-in, however, we were questioned by the immigration because they doubted our identity. And we nearly missed our flight. When we reached Japan airport, we went directly to Tsukuba with the help of ma’am Ayaka and meet sir Murao. Upon arrival in Tsukuba, we were assigned to our rooms and then we went to a restaurant to eat, but before eating they served us drinks and I got to taste the Japanese beer. It was good. After eating we went back to our hotel.

January 20 - our training started. Our lecturer was a very great man named HIDE-FUMI YOKOO. He was good in speaking and communicating with other people like us. That was the thing I appreciated very much. The first topic he discussed was the effect of mercury to the health of miners as well as the environment. On the second day, he taught us the proper way to question our respondents in the field of research. After that, we did a role play on how to communicate with our respondents . Within the two days of training, I learned something that I can use in the future.

A fun moment on the night of January 21. We went to Roppongi for our show, this was my first time to perform in a very cold place wearing baag/string. Here I met new people and it was a good that I was able to make new friends.

January 22 - we went to the Japan Space System (JSS). In JSS, we were able to meet sir Hirose and his companion. They taught us how to manipulate the GPS and how to transfer the data in the computer. They are really good in manipulating gadgets that can be used in the field of  research. On the night of January 22 we went to Fujino for our second show. This was  the most interesting and heartwarming activity that I experienced in Japan.

January 23 we went to the onsen in Fujino. It was a funny and cool experience for me. I joined Japanese guys taking a bath in one place without underwear. I observed that they don’t mind each other.

January 24 - our last day in Japan. In the morning, we attended a conference about social entrepreneurs. Here, I was able to get a basic idea about social entrepreneurship.

Before I end my report I would like to say thank you to the people who supported, helped and taught us. I hope we will see each other again  in the future. 



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